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Everyone enjoys a good meal. Some want to eat healthy, some want to eat for taste and some want to eat for the aroma that they cannot resist. But almost everyone is always looking for a good meal, that is reasonably priced and a good place to eat their food so that they can enjoy their meal.

In order to enjoy a good meal, I always thought there were 4 parameters that needed to be top priority: Taste, Cost, Aroma, and Ambience.

But as I travelled to different places looking for the best places to eat, I realized that there is a lot more that consumers look for. Consumers want to explore new places but look for references from friends and family. They explore ratings and reviews online before checking in, but most of the reviews are mis-leading because every consumer may have a different opinion for the same kind of food.

CuisineLinks aims to bring together the following attributes of a selection process for consumers:

  1. Context: Going out with friends, is very different from giong out with the family, or taking a client out for lunch or dinner. The context plays a very crucial role is determining the best place to eat.
  2. Cost: Consumers should be able to base their search on the amount of money they are willing to spend for the meal, without compromising on the essentials.
  3. Personality: Whether you are a Vegan or a Meat eater, each individual's personal preferences need to be taken into account before suggesting the ideal place for them.
  4. Mood: We take into account your current mood patters to ensure that we suggest the right place. If you feel like dining out in a peaceful environment, then the noisy bars and grills are not an option for you. But if you in the mood for some fun, our search engine suggests you the most fun loving and noisy places in town.

In the first phase, we have tried our best to focus on a few prime areas, to allow us to get 100% coverage. With time, we will increase our coverage to other areas, but with each city or town, we want to ensure that we do not leave out on anything. Even the small stall outside the gas station is an important place for us, because there are consumers who have always wanted to try it out, but never had the time, and never found out of that stall served good tasty food, or just anything average.

Wish you all the best. Go ahead and enjoy our site and please do not forget to leave us your valuable feedback.

Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar (Owner, CuisineLinks.com)

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